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At AG Enterprises, we realize you need to be 'in the know' with regard to ALL that is happening in your world today. We help you by focusing on various topics, that are important to you [where ever you currently are] and we hone in on what matters most. See a list of podcasts, e-zines and blogs below:

The Prophet's Revelation for Kingdom Citizens | A Christian E-zine
You are evolving spiritually, perhaps having left the traditional church only to consider returning again. Spirituality is about more than your opinions on Deity. It is about your culture, your governmental rulers, what you feel safe doing, what has been engrained into you and your need to belong to the community. Yes, there are many more factors than you may have thought.

We believe there are a few things you need to know about Spirituality:

1. You need to understand what Truth is, from a Universal standpoint;

2. You need to understand that we are all unique like trees, flowers and animals; and various expressions of faith are perfectly okay;

3. You need to understand that Evolution Never Stopped -- it is going on right now as you read this post -- new islands are being formed in the oceans and lands are being separated and rearranged by earthquakes and hurricanes. The Creative Forces are still working to expand the Universe so what does that mean to your understanding of spirituality! Science and what we have already proven to be true plays into current culture and spirituality;

4. You need to understand how governmental rulers devise governments and unify people and use force and syncretism to do just that -- armies create and empower world religions, and what was will be again with priests overseeing not only devotional services but congressional oversight, as well;

5. You need to know about gnostic and New Age Teachings that were hidden and then recently revealed so that you can develop a mature relationship with the unseen world before it hides itself again;

6. You need to know what is in the Bible and other sacred books. Who is God, El, Olodumare (Elohim)... and how do Deity and Deity's guides want to be known and interacted with today?

Subscribe to this ezine and learn about religious history. Stay abreast of what is happening today in spirituality, society and world prophecy.

News 4 America
You deserve to know what is going on in the world for your and your family's safety, so that you know how to plan your life, and to keep up with opportunities that exist all around you. Subscribe to this news aggregation site and also enjoy insightful editorials from the writing staff. News sources are listed with each article.

Divorce and Heartbreak Recovery E-zine
Losing a spouse as a result of divorce is like going through death where you deal with shock, disbelief, anger and finally resolve. Our dedicated staff knows about these issues and offers helpful articles to get you through the toughest times. Subscribe today!

Oracles News Radio Podcast
We keep you abreast of all that's happening from a nontraditional, spiritual point of view; we offer our opinions and commentary; and we invite you to chime in as well! We also provide an accurate monthly Astrology Forecast and numerological segment that you don't want to miss! We are on all of your fave platforms to include iTunes, TuneIn, Spreaker, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, Sound Cloud, Spotify, BlogTalkRadio and more!

FOLLOW US and You can listen on this site by clicking on a podcast title below!

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