Certified Spiritual Counseling

The staff at AG Enterprises knows we live in uncertain times and there are instances when you need wise persons to talk to for advice, comfort and counsel.

We invite you to visit our counseling site and schedule a private online session to receive wisdom, that will help you with a more positive life experience. Many of the people we help have returned multiple times over the years for additional counsel as their lives and souls evolve. You can read their reviews on the website home page.

Our counseling options are solely online and include scheduled phone calls, online chat or discreet video consultations. Counselors Rev. Renee and Derrick Ward provide services using a variety of tools to include general spiritual counsel, General Spiritual; Tarot/Oracle/Angel Readings; Astrology; and Numerology.

Each person has choices concerning her/his destiny, and NOTHING is written in stone. Powerful Universal Archetypes adjust themselves (under direction of even Higher Influences), thereby affecting your situations. These adjustments occur based on what you need to learn at any given time.

Spirit's plan for your life allows you to have flexibility.

How should you approach a spiritual consultation?

It's simple:

Focus on your situation and think about what you want to know and have a right to know like:

1. I feel a shift happening in my life -- what is Spirit's message for me right now?

2. Who am I meant to be in this lifetime? Which of several career paths should I consider?

3. I am having problems in my relationship, help me to understand how to handle this and what is really going on?

4. Why can't I let go of this person in my life? How can I know what they really feel about me?

5. What can I do to ensure I am not blocking my life turn-around?

Things like that. Sessions are much more rewarding when you know how they can be helpful beforehand. You will then receive clarity from the Oracle messages, and you can decide what you are willing to do to make things happen to improve YOUR life.

We realize some of you are uncomfortable talking to counselors so we have set up the PRIVATE VIDEO option! Personalized video consultations are set up when you book directly online and choose that option. You will be given the opportunity to ask your question or state your life concern in advance of the consultation. A personalized 'answer' video will be sent directly to you via private cloud link, good for seven days, after which the video will be permanently deleted for your continued privacy and security.

Don't wait, contact us today!


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