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What is AnointedGroove [AG]?

AG Enterprises is a multimedia publishing company, that provides helpful information to an international audience via numerous creative channels to include e-books, paperback books; digital music; podcasts; e-zines; photography; and spiritual counseling.

The term AnointedGroove (AG) refers to a purposeful marriage of spiritual and business endeavors as many of our offerings communicate a universal, yet spiritual, perspective on life and world happenings.

At AG Enterprises, we value our consumers because “we are you”, meaning if it does not inspire or properly inform us, we don’t offer or promote it!

We present to you our own products and services, as well as items from other content creators, using these as avenues of Universal inspiration and cultural expression, which we hope will encourage, entertain and inform you.

It is our belief that we have something unique and valuable to offer society — leaving it in a better state than it was when we first encountered it. Now is our time to do what we love to do and to do it just for you!

We believe it is imperative that we educate our communities using a wide array of vehicles in an effort to raise the Collective Consciousness concerning Spirituality and the current events that play into it.

What’s New on the AG?

Jeph Gile has a story to tell and he wants you to be in it with him…

Calling all word lovers…we welcome you to a new reading experience on Amazon Kindle Vella.

Modern humans live in a world filled with TV and movie programming, inviting you to binge until you cannot keep your eyes open. With so many platforms offering unlimited old, as well as original series, there’s a lot of entertainment out there, but what about for readers?

A culture’s stories are meant to teach as well as to entertain, and many of you love diving into the written word, choosing to create characters and scenes in your own wonderful minds — perhaps even taking the starring role for yourself.

Amazon has created Kindle Vella, a new way to consume great reading material in the form of series. The first three episodes are always free, and this offers a wonderful opportunity for you to get a Vella Book Club going on social media!

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