For Your Book Club

If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can download many of these titles with your subscription at no additional cost! These books are great for book clubs, whether fiction or nonfiction. Fiction listed here is not only meant to entertain, but to reveal archetypes and life lessons!

The Mystic:  Pagan Essays on Mindfulness, Meditation, Wicca and the New Age | Non-Fiction

This book can be considered a #New #Age bible!

You have the power to recreate your life the way you want it to be; self-help begins within you.

New Age Thought and Neo-Paganism are valuable paths that can lead people of all faiths to self development, abundance, spiritual fulfillment and higher soul evolution. In this channeled text, Ms. Renee Tarot invites you to join her in the rediscovery of the movement from a practical, yet spiritual point of view.

Understand the God and Goddess concepts of Wicca.

Get a clearer understanding of the origins of Christianity to overcome tradition and guilt related to it.

Receive an introduction to the wonderful world of Tarot and learn about how it guides and opens doorways to truth.

Gain understanding on not only the Tarot, but on interpreting the Universe itself.

Valdivias | A Paranormal Amazon Short

Amazon Shorts are created with your busy schedule in mind, and new author Amelia Hunter has joined the team of AnointedGroove writers and concocted a story, that entertains and creates a need for pause and reflection!

When Piper and her sister Lily have the unfortunate experience of being involved in a Richter scale 10 earthquake, they must band together with strange characters in order to survive. Join Piper and her sister on their quest to discover truths about reality.

Be sure to ponder the questions at the end of the story.

Numerology for Teachers: How to Improve Relationships with Students | Non-Fiction

Now more than ever, you teachers in the American school system need and deserve an edge in their classrooms. D.J. Ward employs age old Pythagorean logic to help you to do just that.

  1. Learn how to pair your students to bring out the best they have to offer.
  2. Determine the most productive teaching style and communication methods for each student.
  3. Change your relationships with students by understanding who they are and how they experience the world.

Mr. Ward uses time tested wisdom to give you a heads up on who will be in your class, even before you get to the first day of school!

Embracing the Darkness:  A Paranormal Novel

Embracing the Darkness 2

DeMarco and Aisha Thomas are African-American investors who appear to have it all — as long as their secrets allow them to.

However, before they can settle down for an enjoyable life, they must first contend with Aisha’s ever present demons, as well as a criminal ring that threaten’s DeMarco’s life!

Enjoy their tale of corporate intrigue, love and family, then see how it holds up to organized crime with a supernatural twist…

We invite you to click on the book cover to see reviews for this novel!

Jeph Gile on Kindle Vella

Jeph and his mate Kali are not average or ordinary for reasons they choose not to reveal to the general public because they are members of a shapeshifting cult that is allied with other shifters in a city contending with the supernatural and the good old FBI.

Whenever you have access to something special, there’s always someone lurking in the shadows who feels they deserve it much more than you. Enter the world of this arms dealer and his family as they seek to build their fortunes and protect their secrets.

Follow us on Kindle Vella and enjoy the triumphs and tragedies of Jeph Gile, a story that is meant to teach and entertain you. Kindle Vella stories are told one short episode at a time, perfect for lunch breaks, kid breaks and general enjoyment for those of you who have a lot on your plate, but who still want time to enjoy a great read!

Read the first few episodes absolutely free!

Join Renee Tarot on this adventure as these characters come to life, and every story has purpose, that is meant to uplift you from where you are right now. All that matters in the Universe is Soul Evolution.