Spiritual Counseling

Know the Truth About Where You Are & The Energies Affecting Your Relationship. You Hear Your Partner, But What is in Their Hearts? Talk to a Compassionate, Certified, Spiritual Counselor for SOUL EVOLUTION.

To Knowledge and Wisdom Seekers,

I am Renee Thomas, a Prophetic Teacher, Empath, Dreamer, Ordained Universalist Minister and Certified Spiritual Counselor. I have a Christian background and have been blessed with insight into the personal motivations and influences that affect your life.

YOU have choices concerning your destiny, and NOTHING is written in stone –, yes you have the power to create change. Sometimes you may find yourself under spiritual attack. These adjustments occur based on what you need to learn at any given time, but there is a remedy for you.

Spirit’s plan for your life allows you to have flexibility.

I can provide insight into what is happening in your life and explain energies that you can capitalize on or combat.

I have incorporated traditional knowledge tools such as meditation; prayer; archetypal study; sacred texts; and Oracle messages to bring accurate answers to you. #Intuitive Oracle messages are inspired by Spirit and Light, and are used to educate, teach, guide and inform you in your life journey.

I am an Empath and use Oracle messages as a window or doorway to walk into spaces and see what is happening in situations that are unclear or hidden from you.

Did you know not all scripture is written as text? There are numerous peoples in the world who CANNOT go to school and who cannot read. These people use songs, oral stories, chants and art as sacred scripture to connect with the Divine.

I am lead by the Most High Creative Force and the heavenly hosts or Elohim. The Spirit of God speaks to me directly (sometimes in dreams before I talk to you), and I will relay to you what is said. These messages can help you understand what is going on in your life, then you can decide how you want to proceed.

I believe I can assist those who are frustrated and who need to know what is ‘really’ happening in order to MAKE POSITIVE CHANGES. WITH ANSWERS FROM THE ORACLES YOU CAN DETERMINE WHAT YOU WANT TO DO! Yes, I am a firm believer that you participate in your own destiny.


It’s simple:

Making an appointment gives you an opportunity to gather yourself, focus and prepare to receive a spiritual consultation.

Focus on your situation and provide the first name or nickname of people involved and what you want to know and have a right to know like:

1. I feel a shift happening in my life — what is Spirit’s message for me right now?

2. Who am I meant to be in this lifetime? Which of several career paths should I consider?

3. I am having problems in my relationship. Help me to understand some directions I can take to handle this and what is really going on?

4. Why can’t I let go of this person in my life? How can I know what they really feel about me?

5. What can I do to ensure I am not blocking my life turn-around?

Things like that. Sessions are much more rewarding when you know how they can be helpful beforehand. You will then receive clarity and you can decide what you are willing to do to make things happen to improve YOUR life.

After you have received a consultation from me, you will receive special offers, WHICH I SEND PERIODICALLY TO “MY CUSTOMERS” ONLY!

Must be over 18 years of age to receive services.


Bachelor of Arts from nationally accredited school.

Ordained Universalist Minister with Over 20 years experience in religious ministry activities

International author of spiritual topics to include Christian Mysticism, Spirit Science and Gnostic Gospels.

Certified Spiritual Counselor

Initiate 5th Degree in a Holy Mystery Order

State Cert. of Completion – 4 CEU
Clinical Evaluation & Case Conceptualization

State Cert. of Completion – 5 CEU
Multicultural Counseling

Certificates of Achievement
-Religious Literacy: Traditions & Scriptures
-Hinduism Through Its Scriptures
-Omens, Oracles and Prophecies